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HANDLE Services

Individual programs

There are three formats for individual programs.

o A 6-7 month program for ages 5 to adult (or a 4-month program for ages 3-4)

We start with an evaluation meeting. This is an informal meeting, mindful, nonjudgmental and respectful, in an environment that minimizes stress. Parents, caregivers or significant others are welcome and encouraged to join. Through observation, non academic tasks and an extensive questionnaire I learn which neurological systems need support and may be getting in the way of comfortable and efficient functioning.

A day or two later we meet again. I then explain my observations and findings and teach the client (and caregivers or family members, if this is applicable) an individualized program of HANDLE activities. I may make additional recommendations at this time.  This meeting can be done, if needed, on the same day as the evaluation session, after a two hour break.

The client then starts the daily practice of the program at home. Normally this takes 20-30 minutes a day, but I do make a point of accommodating the client's logistics, and if needed, a program can be shorter. A third meeting takes place 7-10 days later to ensure that the activities are performed correctly clarify and modify the program if needed, and to answer questions that have come up since our previous meeting.

The next six meetings (or three, in the case of 3-4 year olds) are program reviews, spaced four to six weeks apart, in which I adjust the program as needed. I learn from the client (and/or family) and from observation what changes may have taken place since we last met, then add activities and remove others, and modify some of the ones that will be continued.

Each of the meetings detailed above may take up to 2 hours. All the sessions are recorded on DVD, so that the activities and explanations can be reviewed in the convenience of the client’s home. Additional support is available between sessions by email and by phone.

A six week program - in depth evaluation without so many follow up sessions. Ages 3 to adult. This involves an evaluation of the kind described above, an individualized program, an activity review session and one program review some 4-6 weeks later. The cost of this program is half of the one described above. You will have the option of adding program reviews later. 


o Screenings for ages 5 to adult

A HANDLE screening is a short version of an evaluation and program, which may be appropriate for people who have not been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder but wish to use the HANDLE approach for a variety of issues. Screenings can be done at home, at school or in corporate settings.

The client (or caregiver) completes an intake questionnaire before the screening. Input from teachers, if applicable, is also welcome. The assessment takes about 30 minutes. It is observational, nonjudgmental, and non academic. A 45 minute break follows, during which I record my observations and interpretations, and create a program of recommended activities for the client. 

Following the break, I meet the client (and if relevant, parents or caregivers) for about 45 minutes. I present my interpretations as well as a short program of HANDLE activities to be practiced at home, in order to support the systems that show irregularities. A 30-minute session is scheduled about one week to one month later, to make sure the activities are done correctly, and to answer questions. 

If I determine that the client’s challenges are beyond the scope of a screening, and a full evaluation is required, I will recommend that. I offer a 10% discount off the full program (the 6-7 month program described above) if it is scheduled within three months of the screening.

To be a candidate for a screening, the client:

  • is five years or older
  • is verbal, can answer questions in complete sentences
  • is able to sit and work at a table
  • can follow multiple step instructions
  • can hold and use a pencil
  • o One session at a time
    Without a formal evaluation, whether comprehensive or not, we can schedule meeting in which I will explore various tasks and activities, learn about concerns and suggest a home program.


    o Free community information events can be scheduled at your school, organization or group. Once in a while I offer such a presentation at HANDLE By the Bay. These 2-hour interactive meetings include an overview of the HANDLE paradigm, an explanation of its practical applications, and a demonstration of a few HANDLE activities.


    o See my calendar for upcoming lectures and workshops. 


    I teach the HANDLE Courses HANDLE Introduction (Level 1) and HANDLE Basics (Level 2), either separate or in an intensive 15-hour format,  The HANDLE Approach to Neurodiversity. When there's interest, I can offer this course with a focus on autism.

    I teach Level 3, the Screener Course. Schedule and location vary, and involve in-class learning and online weekly sessions.



    "Thought it was thoroughly fantastic, learned so much." Susan Sultan

    "It was perfect." Frank


     "So much in depth knowledge/insight/awareness, understanding, ideas for practice - every bit  is useful!" Shannah

       "Of course, with the exception of my children, I don't think I have ever been so pleased to know anyone..."  Wendy

       "You did a terrific job. Thank you for your welcoming attitude of all questions and thoughts."       Laurie West (parent, teacher)

    For a schedule of upcoming classes in your area see the upcoming events section in this website, or http://www.handle.org/training/training-calendar.html


    "We were all really excited to see S. suddenly be so 'wired up' about communicating. It's like he couldn't get the words out fast enough. Please tell your colleagues that one of your workshop attendees had some excitement just from two days of face tapping. Thanks!" Lisa 

    Teacher Inservices

    Inservices for teachers can be tailored to the needs of the school staff. I offer a general overview of the HANDLE perspective and apply it to cases presented by the teaching staff. I also teach a few activities.