Upcoming Events

Level 2, June in PA


Levels 1-2 Grenada (Caribbean) in August

HANDLE Level 3 (Screener Courses)

Summer of 2019

Grenada and Phoenixville, PA

HANDLE Level 4 (Practitioner Course)

Grenada, January-February 2020






About Dror Schneider

My interest in holistic approaches to health goes back some twenty years.  I directed the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco from 1993-2003, co-authored The Handbook of Self-Healing (Penguin, 1994) and worked mostly in the field of natural vision improvement during that period. I researched, developed methodology, worked with clients with various visual impairments and taught classes in the US, Europe and Israel. I presented in international conferences on natural vision improvement and co-hosted two conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. I got involved with HANDLE in 2004, first as a parent, and in the following year started training with The HANDLE Institute. I am certified as a Practitioner and Instructor, as well as a Supervisor of HANDLE Interns. I maintain my affiliation with the HANDLE Institute. I offer my services both in English and in Hebrew, in the San Francisco Bay Area (mostly from San Jose to Santa Rosa) and near Philadelphia, PA. I am often available to offer HANDLE services at other locations when I travel. I will meet you at your home, or at another location at your convenience. 

o My certification with HANDLE allows me to work with the Full Range of Developmental Disorders of Learning & Behavior in clients who are at least 2 years old. 

o Feel free to call or email me for more information.