Upcoming Events

Level 2, June in PA


Levels 1-2 Grenada (Caribbean) in August

HANDLE Level 3 (Screener Courses)

Summer of 2019

Grenada and Phoenixville, PA

HANDLE Level 4 (Practitioner Course)

Grenada, January-February 2020






Is your child dealing with any of the following?

  • Difficulty learning, paying attention, following directions
  • Social or behavioral challenges
  • General awkwardness or clumsiness
  • Difficulty with everyday tasks
  • Hypersensitivities

What are the underlying causes? Frequently, the issue is neurological, but not a lack of intelligence. When the information coming in from the senses is disorganized, a teacher’s lecture may sound garbled, trying to catch a ball may be frustrating and scary, and self-protective behaviors are judged as disruptive.

HANDLE is a gentle, effective approach to helping children with these kinds of problems.

Let’s uncover your child’s specific neurological areas than need support, and work together to make sure that improvement happens. I can evaluate your child, explain my findings and create a customized program that will gently and effectively address his or her challenges.