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Are you concerned about yourself or another teen/adult?

The adults and teens I have worked with may have been recovering from brain injuries (concussion, surgery, cerebral palsy or effects of chemotherapy), dealing with sensory processing challenges, Asperger's, autism or ADD/ADHD, depression or bipolar disorder or general stress. I've worked with adults who were addressing problems they were born with or developed early in their lives, and others whose challenges developed recently. 

Some of the people I work with are capable of taking on a daily program on their own, and others need support from a family member, caregiver or friend. I can create individualized programs bearing this in mind. I often work with teens without their parents taking an active role in their program.

A few of the issues I've worked with are:


Difficulty with reading, memory, attention

Eye strain

General stress or depression

Coordination problems

Sleep issues

I'm happy to talk to you and answer questions.